What to expect from a Mercury retrograde?

Mercury goes retrograde mostly three times a year. Each retrograde period lasts about three weeks.

The retrograde motion of a planet looks from Earth as if a planet slows down its motion, stops for a moment, and then starts moving backwards. In fact, none of the planets go backwards or slow down in their orbit around the Sun. It's just an illusion caused by the view that appears to us when we look into space from Earth. Such illusions occur because the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun at different speeds and trajectories.

If you want to visually explore this topic in more detail, you can take a look in this YouTube video, where the retrograde movement is explained from the viewpoint of Mars. In the case of Mars, it is easier to observe, since Mars is located on the "night" side of the Earth. However, Venus and Mercury are observed on the "day" side of the Earth (opposite the Sun) and therefore their movement is very difficult to observe.

Mercury retrogrades 2022 - 2025

The following dates are given according to Universal Time (UT+0). In fact, you can feel the retrograde influence of Mercury already a few weeks before and after the actual retrograde, when the shadow period is already active.


► 14th Jan  – 4th Feb, in Aquarius and Capricorn

10th May  – 3rd June, in Gemini and Taurus

► 10th Sep  – 2nd Oct, in Libra and Virgo

► 29th Dec 2022  – 18th Jan 2023, in Capricorn


► 29th Dec 2022  – 18th Jan 2023, in Capricorn

► 21st Apr – 15th May, in Taurus

► 23rd Aug – 15th Sep, in Virgo

► 13th Dec – 2nd Jan, from Capricorn to Sagittarius


► 13th Dec – 2nd Jan, from Capricorn to Sagittarius

► 1st Apr – 25th Apr, in Aries

► 5th Aug – 28th Aug, from Virgo to Leo

► 26th Nov – 15th Dec, in Sagittarius


► 15th March – 7th Apr, from Aries to Pisces

► 18th July – 11th Aug, in Leo

► 9th Nov – 29th Nov, from Sagittarius to Scorpio

Energy during the retrograde

In astrology, the general rule is that when planets move retrograde, their energy becomes less outward and more inward. Also, the retrograde period brings back to the previous issues that you may have thought were resolved and over, but during a planetary retrograde, the same old themes resurface. Therefore, the retrograde period of the planets is a good time to engage in introspection and repetition in the very topics and areas described by the retrograde planet's archetype.

Mercury represents communication, learning, reading, writing, language skills, ideas, thoughts and opinions, messages, information, school and education, business and commerce, exchange (of things), travel (short trips and daily movement), media and technology.

Mercury describes how we learn, how we receive and acquire information, and how we pass on our knowledge and worldviews to others. Mercury also shows our attitude towards things and situations, how we speak and communicate and how we listen to others.

Mercury retrograde is therefore associated with periods when…

...there may be miscommunication and misunderstandings

…there may be delays in the implementation of plans and projects

...there may be technical glitches

What to avoid during Mercury retrograde?

Do not assume that others will understand you half a word. Rather, be more explicit and specific in your self-expression. At the same time, try to avoid impatience.

If possible, it is recommended to wait launching any new projects and ideas. This does not mean that you should not start something new, but you should prepare yourself for possible obstacles and delays. When planning, everything should be double-checked just in case, to avoid the unexpected, but nevertheless, it is important to be patient in case things do not go the way you originally planned. This is a common occurrence during this period.

Big plans are not worth setting down to the smallest detail. It is possible that the plans made will go awry, or it is necessary to re-plan a lot of things after making the plan so that it can be implemented in the end. Mercury retrograde is recommended to use for plan preparation and thorough research and it is worth starting to implement the plans only after the end of the retrograde period.

It is definitely worth avoiding signing any kind of contracts and important purchase transactions. During this period, it is likely that errors, misunderstandings, problems in communication, written details and/or transportation might occur. However, if there is no way around contracts or purchases, it is definitely worth reading the additional information in the fine print to avoid possible setbacks later. Or prepare yourself for possible delays or a longer waiting period than originally planned.

It is also not the best time for communication and media related issues. For example, this period is not recommended for starting a magazine, starting a website or launching various advertising campaigns. In general, starting new things during this period is not a lucky sign, and all kinds of glitches can occur, especially in everything related to the communication and media industry.

Avoid rushing in traffic and be more attentive. During a Mercury retrograde, accidents with traffic and smaller vehicles may occur. So take your time and be understanding towards fellow road users. They are also affected by the retrograde of Mercury.

What is Mercury retrograde good for?

  1. Take time out and don't rush

It is best to use this period to take time out and think things through. If you feel that you have to rush and your mind is not not as quick as you would like it to be or you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and tasks, find a moment and take a short break - make a cup of coffee or tea and let your mind free or go for a walk for a while and only then come back to the topics that need quick solution. That way, you leave yourself enough time to think things through and you can check everything (if necessary) before sending an e-mail or handing something over.

  1. Follow through with unfinished things, topics, situations

Mercury retrograde is a good time to complete unfinished business. Many of us have a habit of taking on several different new things, but somehow never find time to finish all the things we start. In this way, old projects tend to pile up on top of each other, which in turn creates anxiety and tension. Therefore, it is worth using this time to finish the projects that were started earlier.

  1. Time for anything that starts with "re-"

As already said, it is not the best time for starting new things. Rather, focus on activities and things that you have done before and can redo or refresh. For example, renew relations with old acquaintances or contact old friends. Or be prepared for someone from the past to contact you again. In some cases, Mercury retrograde can also rekindle a long-lost spark with an old lover, or you yourself feel an irresistible longing to contact your ex. However, keep in mind, you should reheat old soup with extreme caution - are you sure it hasn't gone bad? But why not warm up the relationship just as a friendship.

  1. Think first and then speak

Since Mercury rules communication, both speaking and listening, then in its retrograde period it is important to take the time to think first and then speak. Sometimes the right words may not come immediately, but by allowing yourself to think for a moment, you can prevent so many misunderstandings. Sometimes it's better to let others talk and listen instead. It is important to find a balance - everyone's opinion is important.

  1. Pay more attention to details so that nothing is overlooked

Both when concluding contracts and when making plans, it's important to keep your eyes and ears in check more than usual. As already said, be sure to read the fine print as well, and just in case, read the entire content of the contract several times so that you don't miss anything important. When making plans, you should be more attentive during Mercury retrograde and ensure that everything fits - both dates, times, and additional details.

  1. Take a break from technology or be patient

Mercury retrograde affects means of communication, so for example, the phone, computer, tablet, and other gadgets may not work properly. It also affects other technological tools, for example, the website may suddenly become slow or stop working, or an e-mail may not get through. Therefore, Mercury retrograde period is a great time to take a break from the digital world and go to nature to recharge yourself with new energy. However, if you can't get by somehow without your technological gadgets, consider dealing with a few glitches just in case.

In conclusion

As retrograde periods encourage introspection, then Mercury retrograde is no exception. This is a good time to reconnect with yourself. Take a moment every day to be grateful for today. Keep your thoughts positive and it will all come back to you in heaps.

Mercury retrograde can sometimes bring us changes that we weren't ready for. But Mercury changes only those things that were not originally intended for us. So be flexible and go with the flow. Everything is eventually good for something.

What do you think?

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