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Personality type by Moon phase

Today, Sun sign astrology has become the most popular because Sun sign is the easiest to determine by your date of birth. The Sun is important - without the Sun there would be no life on Earth, but it is equally important in astrology, because the Sun shows how we see ourselves, who we want to be, and what we strive for. But on the other hand, this immense interest in Sun signs also reflects the society which we live in. The qualities associated with the Sun are favored - interest in oneself has increased, individuality and one's ego are emphasized, outlets are sought for expressing one's awareness and creativity. Thus, one's self is placed more in the foreground and the collective well-being has become secondary.

However, there are people who don't match with their Sun sign description so well. This may be because those born at night (after sunset and before sunrise) feel more drawn to their Moon sign. I will talk more about Moon signs in another article.

But the phase of the Moon is a combination of the position of the Sun and the Moon relative to each other and it affects every one of us. The characterization of the Sun sign and thus the corresponding personality traits are also influenced by how the Moon is positioned in relation to the Sun. Thus, knowing what the phase of the Moon was at the time of your birth gives you a more holistic insight into your nature - the Sun usually shows our more masculine qualities that are directed outward, and the Moon our more feminine qualities, which are directed more inwardly and are not visible to everyone. Together they give a description of the whole, as yin and yang form a unified symbol.

Phases of the Moon

Different phases of the Moon influence our personality and personal attention in life. These phases can be compared to the life cycle of a plant, where a seed planted in the ground grows into a viable, flowering, and fruit-bearing plant, which eventually withers until it finally becomes one with the ground again.

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  • New Moon (the Moon is not visible)
  • Waxing Crescent Moon
  • First Quarter Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Full Moon (the part of the Moon visible to Earth is fully illuminated)
  • Waning Gibbous Moon
  • Last Quarter Moon
  • Balsamic or Dark Moon

The phases of the Moon change cyclically. The total length of the lunar cycle on the zodiac wheel is 360 degrees, and in reality it takes about 29.5 days. Each phase is exactly 45 degrees in longitude on the zodiac wheel and lasts about 3.5 days.

How to calculate the phase of the Moon at the time of your birth?

The easiest way to find out is, of course, from your own birth chart. To prepare the latter, you can use some internet site that offers the possibility of creating a birth chart free of charge: for example, or Most of such pages also offer an option where different elements of the chart are interpreted separately (but I recommend to remember that these interpretations only apply to individual details and are not holistically connected and do not take into account contradictions or main themes that an experienced astrologer knows how to connect). Of course, you can also consult an astrologer to get a birth chart. With a little calculation, you can also derive the phase of the Moon on your date of birth from from the Moon Phases Calculator, which shows the times of the four main phases of the Moon according to Universal Time (UT). Just in case, it is worth remembering that the Moon moves at a speed of 0.5 degrees per hour, or as much as 13 degrees during the day. Therefore, if you do not know the time of your birth, the description of two different phases of the Moon may also apply according to the date.

NB! If you calculate the phase of the Moon according to the birth chart, remember that the zodiac cycle runs counter-clockwise on the birth chart. Therefore, the position of the Moon in relation to the Sun must be calculated by moving counter-clockwise. Also, note that the longitude of each zodiac sign is 30 degrees.

Waxing or Waning Moon

How the Moon increases the amount of light it reflects from the Sun and how it decreases after the Full Moon helps understand the personality of people born during different phases of the Moon. The change in light also helps unlock the nature of the person born during the corresponding phase.

People who are born at a time when the Moon begins to grow (the right part of the Moon is illuminated), are related to different growth, development, and establishment processes. These people are participants or founders in the creation of new structures, systems, and schools of thought.

People who are born at a time when the Moon begins to wane and lose its light (the left part of the Moon is illuminated), are connected to systems or structures that are old or in need of upgrades and reconstrions and they act as agents of change. The waning cycle of the Moon is about release and return - the Moon gets darker and reflects light until it is finally no longer visible.

Personality types according to the Moon phase

New Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 0-45 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: the seed is planted, the seed is underground

People born in this phase of the Moon tend to stay away from the limelight. They are full of energy and enthusiasm, but prefer to keep their activities to themselves. Just like a seed that begins life underground, where it cannot be seen, but where it nevertheless develops and grows, so are the lives of people born under the "invisible" Moon literally hidden from others' eyes. There's always a lot going on in these people's lives, but that doesn't mean others know about it.

Since this is the first phase of the Moon, these people are drawn to new beginnings. By nature, they are lively and energetic, like to start new projects, launch fresh ideas, and try new experiences, but they lack the persistence to see them through. The constant desire for fresh experiences and new opportunities probably means that these people have many different interests and hobbies. That's why their energy tends to dissipate too much, because they have too many things at hand at the same time.

By nature, people born in the New Moon phase have a somewhat childlike and innocent (sometimes even naive) attitude and are always excited. They tend to be impulsive and act on a gut feeling rather than on a thought-out practical decision.

In terms of attitude, they can be subjective and easily influenced by others, but at the same time full of courage and self-confidence, daring to do what no one else would dare and go where others would never dare.

In a way, they are also surrounded by a certain mystery, they tend to be so busy with their own activities that they don't pay attention to other people, and thus can leave a somewhat mysterious impression on others.

In the field of relationships, people born during the New Moon phase tend to find stable life partners later than, for example, those born during the Full Moon. In love, they tend to take it easy and usually don't settle for "the first thing that happens" and are ready to wait and look for a partner with whom they really fit.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 45-90 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: germination and sprouting of the seed

In this phase, the plant begins to sprout. It pushes itself out of the ground, as if curiously testing and exploring what might be on the other side. This also applies to people born during this Moon phase.

They are just as bursting with energy and curiosity as people born in the New Moon phase, but a little more cautious and don't jump headfirst into unknown waters. Before starting a new project or idea, they take the time to do some research and to learn more about the topic. The blind haste and insane thirst for knowledge of the New Moon phase is combined here with a kind of awareness and foresight.

On the other hand, people born during this phase may also experience some challenges in life. Just as the sprouting of a seed from the ground is like breaking through an obstacle, so can people born during this phase of the Moon sometimes feel that life is full of obstacles.

People born in the Waxing Crescent Moon phase are creative. They use their energy consciously and direct it towards specific goals. By nature, they are curious and live as if in constant anticipation that something new is about to come or happen. Their challenge is to channel that anticipation or impatience into purposeful action.

First Quarter Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 90-135 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: growth quickening, the seedling grows into a strong plant

The First Quarter Moon is the first critical point in the lunar cycle, and people born during this time are characterized by a certain inner tension or slightly nervous energy. Such inner tension or even anger should be consciously channeled into some physical activity or sport.

Just like the Moon, which begins to reflect more and more light and stand out during this phase, people born during the First Quarter Moon are passionate, self-confident, and risk-takers by nature.

They are quick responders in different situations, but sometimes it seems that they act simply to justify their worth in the eyes of others (because they may feel that they are not worthy enough) and they need to prove something to the world. This makes them great leaders as they are always ready to take on challenges. People with such characteristics are very skilled in dealing with crises, they have strong will power and they are able to cope well in difficult situations and make well-considered decisions. For them, life is like a challenge and they actually enjoy solving various problems and crises. People of the First Quarter Moon are ambitious, internally motivated, and independent. In a way, they are also stubborn - once they've set out to do something, it's hard to stop them. Determination is their main strength.

However, they may have a tendency to be pessimistic and may give up before they even get started. They may also tend towards escapism and solitude because everyday life seems too burdensome. Thus, they may have a tendency to escape from reality either through virtual reality or simply living in dreams and being busy with dreaming.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 135-180 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: buds are formed, fruits begin to develop

The Waxing Gibbous Moon phase speaks of self-development and perfection, symbolically similar to a plant preparing to show the world its beauty and worth through its beautiful flowers and bearable fruit. Those born in this phase of the Moon are acutely aware of the importance of planning and organization. For those born during the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase, it is important to devote time to personal development and growth. They try to learn as much as possible about themselves in order to develop and excel in all areas of life. The overarching theme of their lives is to constantly improve their way of life, work, and relationships, thus striving for perfection. Such thoroughness shows that they like things done well and correctly.

Individuals of this Moon phase are precise and question everything. They are very creative, but not impulsive, and look for new ways of self-expression, using it to constantly improve themselves. They tend to analyze themselves and others, trying to find out what motivates someone and makes them act. Since they are constantly developing themselves, there are periods in their lives where they intensively try to develop their skills further, using the help and advice of a mentor or a master in their field.

Full Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 180-225 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: flowers bloom, fruits ripen

Symbolically, in this phase, the plant has matured and reached the peak of its life span - flowers bloom and fruits ripen. A time to live and shine in all its glory, also marked by the shining of the Moon in all its glory. Those born during the Full Moon phase usually live a full life, enriched by a variety of experiences.

Since the Moon can shine thanks to the Sun, reflecting its charming light, people born during the Full Moon also feel that they can truly shine when they have someone to make them shine. This means that they are on a lifelong quest for relationships, attracting and seeking partners to learn and grow through relationships. It is in relationships that these people find meaning and satisfaction in their lives. Finding a significant partner, be it a personal or business partner, initiates periods of great development in their lives.

They can be contradictory in nature, like two different sides of the same coin - one moment emotional, the next deliberatively rational. Because of this, they can attract people who are opposite to them, and the life-long task of Full Moon phase people is to learn to cooperate with people who are different from them.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 225-270 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: fruits and seeds fall, flowers fade

In the Waning Gibbous Moon phase, the plant has passed the peak of its life span. Autumn is approaching and it is time to allow the flowers to fade and drop the fruits (seeds). Just as the plant becomes one with the soil again and gives back to earth, so is the main task of life for people born in this phase to give back to other people and society. For example, people born during the Waning Gibbous Moon may be involved in teaching in some way, or they may be involved in spreading an important message in society. They can be active in social issues, either by writing about them or by researching them more deeply. People with this Moon phase are all about living in the moment and enjoying it. It is important for them to learn awareness in the present moment because nothing lasts forever.

Waning Gibbous Moon phase people are not traditional nor ordinary, on the contrary, they tend to break traditions. Their task is to create their own trail and find their own path, not follow in someone else's footsteps. Just as a plant spreads its seeds, so are people born in this phase tasked with spreading their message in the world using all possible means. They want to share their most important and valuable experiences and knowledge, and they are ready to fight for what they believe in. On the negative side, people born in this phase may be prone to fanaticism or mental disorders.

Last Quarter Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 270-315 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: the leaves are mature, starting to change color

During this phase of the plant's life cycle, the leaves change color and begin to fall, and the tree begins becoming bare. People born in the Last Quarter Moon phase are ready for change and do not hold on to the old, just as a plant does not hold on to its leaves, but goes along with the changes. Meaning and purpose are important to individuals in this phase. Often their middle age (late thirties to early fifties) is full of great changes, usually triggered by some external cause. During this period, people with a previously conservative outlook on life might make quite dramatic shifts in their lives and pursue alternative life choices to pursue a life that is in line with their personal philosophy.

However, the reason for such big changes may not be understood by friends, family members, and colleagues, who find it unreasonable and strange to leave the life they have already built to start something completely new. As they move forward in life, it is important for them to follow their inner conviction and act accordingly. Because of this, they constantly reevaluate old patterns and structures and may change course during their lifetime. Many of them have severed ties with the beliefs of the culture or community in which they grew up at some point in their lives.

In their actions, they tend to be hasty and urgent, as if they know that they will not continue on the same path throughout their lives. This Moon phase's people can easily combine instincts with creativity. On the negative side, these people do not take criticism well and can be dominant in their communication style.

Balsamic or Dark Moon

Sun-Moon angle: 315-360 degrees

Life cycle of the plant: the leaves fall, the plant either dies naturally or retreats to the ground

People born during the Balsamic Moon can be compared to hermits. In this final phase, the tree goes into a resting phase, the leaves fall to the ground, and the tree enters dormancy – bare, barren, and silent until the next spring. Those born in the Balsamic Moon phase experience the completion of things in this life. Important relationships are meant to resolve and complete karmic tasks from past lives. However, such karmic connections lead to many short and intense relationships. People of this Moon phase tend to be too good at breakups.

They like solitude and enjoy the company of only a select few. The time of being alone is important for them to reflect and work through their inner world.

Spirituality and thinking about life's big questions are important to people born during the Balsamic Moon. They are psychically sensitive and some of them may also have spiritual abilities. They are smart and complex visionaries who see beyond the demands of the immediate future. They are here to resolve past life experiences.

People born in this phase are quiet, withdrawn, and resilient by nature. They experience success later in life and are often lonely.

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