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What does Pluto bring while moving through Aquarius?

On 21.01.2024, Pluto moved into the sign of Aquarius at 02:50 Estonian time (00:50 UT). In the autumn of 2024, it will dip back into Capricorn for a few months, but remains then in Aquarius for the next 20 years until 2043.

Pluto is primarily associated with transformation, power, control, and major changes.

However, Aquarius is a sign of innovation, experimentation, social change, and progressiveness.

Thus, Pluto's transit in Aquarius could bring profound societal change and innovation over the next 20 years, especially in relation to technology and societal structures. Pluto intensifies all these areas, so whatever changes are coming, they won't come softly and comfortably, but with quite a bang.

For example, some thoughts about what can await us:

  • Technological innovation – revolutionary innovations await, especially in the field of artificial intelligence; various technological breakthroughs are achieved, including, for example, in the field of space travel, and we might expect a more general digitalization of social systems; innovation can also be expected in the use of nuclear energy or the processing of its waste.
  • Social reforms – Aquarius is associated with general equality and human rights, so social awareness can increase and this can manifest as resistance against authoritarian power structures. Historically, revolutions have taken place when Pluto has been in Aquarius (e.g. the American War of Independence, when the rule of British monarchy was turned into a republic, or the French Revolution, when the chains of the monarchy were also freed). Therefore, we can expect similar movements and a redistribution of power - the power will now be in the hands of people. Although the monarchy no longer rules the countries and has acquired a representative role, I doubt whether it will last. You can also expect the formation of new nations or countries, for example through the disintegration and division of existing countries. In any case, big changes in society await and in 20 years we will live in a completely different world.
  • A change in the mindset – people can become braver and more open to progressive ways of thinking; interest in technology, science, and innovation may increase. At the same time, Aquarius is a fixed sign and oriented towards creating and formulating ideas - in fixed signs, Pluto tends to be more forceful and intense, stubbornly sticking to its opinion, even if there is no real proof. Therefore, this entails the risk of increasing the demagogy of various narrow-minded people, as well as falling under the influence of the propaganda of dictators and tyrants. If you find comfort in the opinions of others and going by their words, you may be blinded by propaganda. Pluto in Aquarius challenges you. The best medicine for this is to think with your own head and to be able to question what is being said.
  • Social relations – Aquarius is actually a social sign (though paradoxically at the same time objective, independent, and even detached), focusing on group rather than individual well-being. Therefore, a transformation can also be expected in the ways people communicate with each other or what kind of communication tools they use.
  • Globalization - although we have been in this process for some time, depending on various circumstances, obstacles have also occurred (and are occurring), and in the coming years it is necessary to achieve better global cooperation aimed at a common goal.

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What do you think?

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