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Virgo rising sign

Polarity: passive / feminine / negative

Element: earth

Modality: mutable

Ruling planet: Mercury

As a Virgo rising sign, you give the impression of a practical and organized person. You have a sharp eye for details and no small element escapes your eye, but sometimes you tend to get too caught up in the details and don't see the big picture.

You look modest and have a minimalist and conservative look. You have a tendency to be critical, especially of yourself - it just comes from wanting to strive for the best. You have high standards, so others may get the impression that they are never good enough for you. Excessive perfectionistic expectations can lead to pessimism and negative thought patterns. You can leave others with a slightly nervous and insecure impression, as you often tend to worry and analyze too much.

When meeting new people, you leave a responsible and conscientious impression, and you want to act according to the rules and avoid mistakes at all costs. Thanks to your practical mind, you prefer knowledge and skills that are useful in everyday life. You are good at fixing and improving things. In the case of new projects, you tend to spend too much time preparing and overanalyzing everything.

In appearance, rather shorter stature. The face appears more triangular in shape, with a wider forehead. Hair dark brown, eyes brown or grey, complexion paler. When walking, you tend to take measured steps. Since the sign of Virgo is related to the stomach and digestion, you can be prone to various stomach and digestive problems. Regardless of your age, you look younger than you really are.

Celebrities with Virgo rising sign:

Renée Zellweger, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Leonard Cohen, Uma Thurman, Jeff Bridges, Forest Whitaker, Tom Hanks, Kathy Bates, Woody Allen, Don Johnson, Donald Sutherland, Shannen Doherty, Helen Hunt, Shirley MacLaine, Christina Ricci, Doris Day, John Cleese, Marlene Dietrich, Gene Kelly, Walt Disney, Audrey Tautou, Dolly Parton, David Copperfield, Kurt Cobain, Annie Lennox, Melanie C., Pelé, Suzi Quatro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Steve Jobs, Andrea Bocelli

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