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Natal Chart Interpretation

Analysis of the astrological birth chart helps you learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you discover your own personality, gifts and talents, while also pointing out the challenges and lessons to learn.

Our natal chart is like a map that shows us the right path. This does not mean that all other paths are wrong, but it brings out what we have been given when we were born into this world, what experiences we have come to experience and helps us find a path that we find easier to walk, our step is lighter and our soul is more satisfied.

What questions can be given answers with the help of the natal chart?

The information hidden in the natal chart helps you find the right career or shows your relationship with finances. It also shows what kind of challenges yuo might have in the area of romantic relationships or in areas related to having and raising children. It is also possible to find out from your birth chart what your friendships or family relationships are like, or how you feel about yourself, and through all of this I can help you learn to cope better with unpleasant situations. Your birth chart guides the way, which lessons you need to learn in this life and illuminates the journey to find and solve the lessons of this life. When booking an appointment, please indicate which topics you would like to focus on more.

When interpreting an astrological birth chart, I combine and interweave the perspectives and techniques of both traditional and modern astrology, which provide an overview of the inner psychological world as well as the external situations and events that shape your life path.

The consultation will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you within a few hours after the end of the session via email with a download link.

Just in case, you can also watch from here, how consultations take place and what are the payment and cancellation conditions.


The pre-recorded natal chart interpretation is the same in terms of content as the online natal chart interpretation consultation, but without the mutual conversation. Suitable for you if you prefer to listen to your natal chart interpretation privately without meeting me in person. If possible, I still recommend choosing an online consultation, as this way you can get a more detailed description of your natal chart depending on how the placement of the planets has affected your life.

I will send you the pre-recorded natal chart interpretation within two to three weeks after ordering the service.

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