Year Ahead Forecast

The year ahead forecast shows the most important astrological influences for the next 12 months ahead. Through this, you can find out what events or internal changes can await you in the upcoming year. It is perfect, for example, for the beginning of the new solar year (aka birthday) for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

When preparing and interpreting the future forecast, I combine and interweave the techniques of both traditional and modern astrology, mainly using transits, secondary progressions, solar return, annual profections, zodiacal releasing.

The consultation will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you within a few hours after the end of the session via email with a download link.

Just in case, you can also watch from here, how consultations take place and what are the payment and cancellation conditions.


The pre-recorded year ahead forecast is the same in content as the online year ahead forecast consultation, but without the face-to-face conversation. It is suitable if you prefer to listen to the forecast in private without meeting me in person. If possible, I still recommend choosing an online consultation, as this way you can get a more detailed description of your forecast depending on how the placement of the planets has affected your life.

I will send you the pre-recorded year ahead forecast within two to three weeks after ordering the service.

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